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We are a precision engineering company offering a range of precision engineering and manufacturing services to numerous businesses, industries, and organization to help them grow. Having started many years ago, we have expanded into a large precision engineering company offering the best quality services to a range of private and public organizations.

With the help of continuous investment and improvement, we have been able to maintain a top position in the engineering sector, and we aim to keep it that way. This has been derived from many years of offering quality designs and offering excellent manufacturing services. In return, we have been able to build an impressive customer base and relationship with all our clients. We are dedicated to perfecting our customer approach and including them as a crucial part of our production processes. This has helped us attain effective communication by paying personal attention, thus enhancing success.

What makes us the top Precision Engineering Company?

We are a committed precision engineering company in Singapore

Index Aerospace Pte. Ltd., a precision engineering company, has been recognized by numerous established companies and has also led us to several awards and recognition for our exceptional work. Our team has dedicated all its time and effort into seeing our customers satisfied and ensuring that there are improvements each day.

We are experienced

We have been offering precision engineering services for a long time, which has helped us gain the necessary skills and knowledge regarding precision engineering. You can, therefore, put your trust in our professional services and will be worth your investment.

Affordable services

Our services have the best pricing that you will ever find in the market. We have something for everyone to meet each of our clients budget as we aim to help companies move forward without running out of capital.

Quality material

Customer satisfaction is our mission, and this has led us to go out of our way to get the best quality material to help us create top quality parts. With our services, you are assured that what you get will serve you for the longest time, and you will not need to go back to the market for replacements any time soon. We combine these quality components with our skills and passion for precision engineering, and this keeps us on top of the precision engineering company sector.

We offer convenience

After quality, satisfaction is always our primary focus. We understand that every business owner wants to maximize production, and we are here to help them do so. You no longer have to worry about unmet deadlines and late deliveries. Our team is always on the heels to have all parts produced on time and ensure that no mistakes are made.

Accurate designs – Precision Engineering Company

You can count on us for accurate machining services that will give you the designs that will match your specifications. We provide manufacturing and precision services to the world’s leading organizations across power generation, rail, aerospace, oil and gas and other sectors that require precision engineering solutions. We specialize mostly in precision engineering, providing a variety of in-house capabilities combined with our commitment to excel in everything we do. Our services include CNC turning, precision grinding solutions, CNC machining services, CNC milling services, precision engineering aerospace, surfacing, and oil and gas, to mention a few. All our services have been approved, and we have been certified to offer these services to a range of customers all from inventors to businesses.

We are your go-to solution if you need a precision engineering company expert. We have 24/7 available customer support where you can present any questions that you may have regarding precision engineering and have them answered in no time. Also, if you are not sure of which one of the precision services are best for your business products, we are here to guide you after listening to your needs and help you select the ideal one. Through our hard work in the past years offering these services, we have gained great reputation amongst our customers. Contact us to get precision engineering services quotes, view our services and cost before deciding on which one fits your needs and budget. We are here to help you reach your dreams and take your business to the next level.

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