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We are a self-motivated precision engineering company, committed to offering our clients with quality engineering services. We are a full-service company, specializing in a range of engineering services such as Instrumental design, electrical design, and Control system services.

We have been in the industry for an extended period and we have several registered professional engineers. Our team is dedicated and is passionate about what they do, and you can confidently trust in us to offer any kind of precision engineering services that you may want from us. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all matters regarding precision machining such as refining, chemicals, drilling automation, oil, and gas upstream and downstream, wastewater, pharmaceutical, transportation, and paper industry specialty.

We are determined to offer customized products to meet all our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We majorly focus on excellence and respect for the environment in all manufacturing aspects and customer service. We strive to prevent environmental pollution and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements through our processes.


We are experienced

We have been offering precision engineering services for many years, which has helped us gain extensive knowledge and skills and understand our way through the industry.

Highly trained engineers

We only hire trained and qualified engineers, ensuring that we only have the best team. The team also undergoes regular training to ensure that they stay up to date with the trends and so we can stay ahead of our competitors.

We are licensed and insured

You can trust that we have been approved to offer these services, and we correctly understand how precision engineering works. We fulfill all the requirements of the state and have been recognized as a top precision engineering in Singapore. What’s more? We are licensed, which shows that we take full responsibility for any accident that may occur during the services. You can trust us and have peace of mind whenever you entrust a project to us.

We offer quality products

You can trust us for the best quality precision engineering products, all which have been manufactured with excellent expertise, skills, and quality machines. We provide cost-effective precision engineering solutions for business all from assemblies, specialty metals, electrical contacts, and prototyping devices. We have offered both technical innovation and financial strength to a range of established organizations, and that has kept us going.

Precision Engineering Works

Our Precision Engineering Services

We provide a range of quality precision engineering services. Our entire team is part of our continuous training and development program, which helps us keep up to date with the necessary qualifications and equipment training. We also take part in conducting risk assessments, house method statements, and letting in third parties to perform health and safety inspections. Our services include;

Aerospace Precision Engineering

The aerospace is an essential industry to the world’s security and accessibility. We are here to provide our quality precision engineering services to both military and civil aircraft to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. Our team of experts has been trained to produce quality machine parts, all of which can be used in extreme conditions such as aerospace. Aerospace requires ultimate safety, sustainability, and reliability, and we are proud to provide great components with full confidence to meet the requirements of the industry.

Precision Engineering Oil & Gas

We are committed to helping in dealing with harsh environments with our precision engineering oil and gas services. We work on offering the right material with correct properties that can withstand the harsh conditions in the oil and gas industry. We are experts in machining a range of exotic materials that can survive in harsh conditions and endure whatever they are subjected to. We also understand that thorough inspection is crucial for any successful undertakings, and that is why we have set aside an inspection department for the job.

Precision Engineering Tools

Businesses and plants can count on us or unique tool room services where we offer them with a range of high-edge tools with exceptionally high tolerance to serve them for the longest time.

If you are in the search for precision engineering manufacturing Singapore or for any of these services, do not hesitate to contact us, let us discuss your needs and get a quote.

Precision Engineering Fabrication/ Welding

We provide quality welding services to individuals and businesses that need it. The best part is that we can provide the services at your business site or, you can bring the machine to us and let us take it back to your workshop when it is finished. Our employees are highly trained to provide all types of welding services, and you can, therefore, trust that your project is in good hands.

We pay great attention to customer service, and we strive to meet each client’s needs from all the way from the first contact to the finished product. Having been in the industry for many years, we understand our way through the welding requirements, ensuring that the results exceed your expectations. We conduct continuous risk assessments to make sure that the services are safe.

Precision Engineering Industrial Maintenance

We provide a range of industrial maintenance services to all businesses and other engineering plants. We understand that some plants are operational 24/7, and things are bound to break down from time to time. Such issues will be costly and take time to fix. However, with our machine maintenance services, businesses and plants do not have to wait until the problem has already occurred to look for a solution. We provide services both on a contractual or project basis. The best part is that we are flexible to ensure that we offer the best services at the most convenient time.

What’s more? We provide custom machining services whereby we get to machine custom parts to fix the machine issues or let you order spare parts. Our industrial maintenance services are all compliance with the law and regulations, and all our experts are regularly tested to ensure that they are up for whichever job that comes their way. You can rest assured that we are on your case and we have everything covered.

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